Perixx MX 1800 Gaming Mouse

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Perixx MX 1800 Gaming Mouse

Postby promethieus » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:49 pm

So here we have it folks, the new MX-1800 Gaming Mouse by Perixx.

Firstly, the packaging and postage from Perixx and how Amazon Posts it has improved alot, here is a Picture of Adequate packaging:

Next we have the Perixx boxing of the product, Very nice Design.:

Next we have the mouse, out of the box, with spare replacement sides, nice touch Perixx, providing spare parts.

Perixx MX-1800 Gaming Mouse on the Perix Aluminium Mouse Pad {Perixx DX-3000M ALU mouse pad}:

Perixx Mx-1800 Gaming Mouse Lights active and this shows great design in the fact that the lights Do show up nicely in the dark:

Down to the Nitty Gritty folks, this mouse, used in conjunction with their own provided configuration software, makes this mouse very effective indeed, the mouse used either on a Mat, Pad, Desk, works really well, but really must recommend using it with the {Perixx DX-3000M ALU} mouse pad, made by Perix themselves.
The mouse is smooth, very controllable. Comfortable during gameplay, accurate and each button very instant indeed, button placement is nice, no matter what size of hand you have. The cord on the mouse adds extra anti-twist protection, and very durable too.
Perixx have become Masters in providing well made, functionable equipment, made at low price, but High Operating standard, they have achieved what all users want. Great products, made at a fairer Low Price.

I have to say, yet again, well done to Perixx, for another fantastic produt...keep it up Perixx, the World is Watching..

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